We started our journey with lot of enthusiasm and hope of making Kumaraparvatha clean, free from plastic. Our first drive agenda  was to, donate Trash bags to forest department and cleanup trekking trail as much as we can and also to analyse how many cleanup drives are required. As we reached kukke around 7am, we were group of 8 people(Pavitra, Mounika, Anupama, Ann, Rohith, Kotresh, Yashwanth, Karthik). As we get down, we felt weather was so refreshing and good. We got fresh up in public washrooms and had quick breakfast in hotel nearby kukke temple  and packed our lunch. We started walking towards trekking starting point.

first cleanup drive

As we started trekking we realized how much plastic is accumulated on trekking trail and it requires many cleanup drives to remove all plastic on trekking trail. We reached forest office around 3pm and we met forest officer Mr. Abhilash and other forest guards and we handed over all  Trash bags to them, we explained the purpose of bag.

Bag is to give for individual person or one for group of 4-5 people, so they can use thrash bag to put all their plastic waste, instead of throwing them out. So it helps in maintaining trekking trail free from plastic, which is also good for wildlife living beings.

bab donation trash bag photo

We got up early morning and fresh up and left for trekking around 6am. It was exiting for everyone to see the peak, to enjoy journey and to see nature. We reached to Kumaraparvatha peak around 10.30 am. We enjoyed the view, took photos and had quick snacks we carried.

After that we started cleaning on the peak, it took more than an hour to clean the peak, we have covered almost all  and while climbing down also our team  collected the plastics. The major contributor to garbage is plastic bottles, chocolate papers and drinking bottles. We took our cover bags we carried and started filling it with the garbage.  As we collect and we are ending up finding more plastics. Our team stopped when all the bags are filled.

We climb down to forest office around 2.30pm. We dumped all garbage we collected to dustbin, which is kept nearby forest office and we walked to Battara Mane to have lunch again. We will respect food and will find more tastier when we are hungry, lunch was really great, we came back and removed the tents.

We started getting down with hope of doing more cleanup drives to clean this trail. We reached down around 7pm. Later we all fresh up in small hotel and visited God Kukke Subramanya. Later had dinner in nearby hotel and finally left for Bangalore.

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