Kumara Parvatha Cleanup :

  • Discussed KP cleanup idea with many trekkers and nature lovers and got their views .
  • Created and hosted website http://kumaraparvatha.com which became platform to execute KP cleanup project.
  • Invited trekking club organisations to join hands with us. We got good support and response from most of them.
  • Worked more closely with Kumara Parvatha Forest department and we all became as single team.
  • Requested trekkers and Nature Lovers to donate funds for infrastructure .
    • With collected fund we purchased 100 echo bags and donated to forest department. Those bags forest dept giving to trekkers while giving permission and collecting them back.
    • We installed 3 dustbins. first one near to water stream second one near to Bhimana bhande and third one near to forest office.

We carried out three cleanup drives :

Kumara Parvatha Cleanup Drive-1 – 17,18 November 2018 :

Cleaned up peak and donated echo bags to forest dept
Donating trash bags to Forest Department, Centre guy in picture is Abhilash from forest department. I appreciate and also admire all work he is doing over there. His love towards nature is inspiring for me

Kumara Parvatha Cleanup Drive-2 – 1,2 December 2018

Cleaned up trek starting point to Forest department
Carrying Down trash: Carrying our own luggage is difficult in KP trek. Carrying 20+ KG on head for 5Kms is really challenging
Team at peak

Kumara Parvatha Cleanup Drive-3 – 29,30 December 2018:

Cleaned up forest area and deployed dustbins
Dustbins installation near water stream
Collected trash
With all this tasks we achieved Much Better KP trek Trail Let me share details about donations how we handled (We believe Transparency is key and we are accountable for each rupee we collect ):
  • Created separate account for this cause.
  • All fund collection done through online only
  • All collection and expenses put on to public domain in following link so that any one can check their donation reflected or not and expense for what we are doing.
With all these efforts from cleanup drive participants, Forest Department (Thanks to Abhilash) , Fund donors, Advisors and subject matter experts, encouragement form co trekkers / trek organisations and constant offline support from many nature lovers we could able to see much better Kumara Parvatha Trail today.
This Kind of Comments on Social media from trekkers after cleanup gives more courage

Next Plans ???

Answer is simple !!! Let us take up bigger challenge. Let Us Make Few More Trek Trails Cleaner and Better !!!

I strongly believe bigger challenges can be easily achieved when we all work as team. Team should include Nature Lovers, Passionate trekkers , Forest department members, Trekking clubs, Local governing bodies and district administration/Government.

How many and which all trek trails to take up ???

Let us take up Five more trek trails. Shivagange, Kodachdri and three more. For these trek trail cleanup created following website : http://cleanmountains.org/register/ I request you to join this cleanup movement by registering yourself by clicking above link: One thing is sure we will be taking up bigger challenges we require more people on board and we need to reach out and build stronger team to achieve our goal. so I request you to Invite all your Facebook friends to like cleanmountain FB page. You click bellow link and invite all your facebook friends to like page https://www.facebook.com/pg/cleanmountains.org/community/ I request you to join with us !!! Share this good cause to all so that we can build stronger team to achieve bigger challenges .

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