Roughly translated it means "thousand-mile horse". It is a statue of a winged mythical horse named ‘Chollima’, which symbolises the Stakhanovite 'Chollima Movement' which helped rebuild North Korea following the Korean War. The Chollima or ‘thousand-mile horse’ is a mythical winged horse.
In Korean mythology – though also present in those of Japan and China – there is a winged horse that can gallop at breakneck paces – a sort of super-horse, if you will. It can abide in the spheres or on earth. This beast occupies a special place in the hearts and minds of North Koreans for several reasons. The Chollima Movement was also named after th

The name itself literally means “The Thousand Li Horse” (‘li’ being a unit used to measure distance). It is said that the Logma was born from the waters of heaven. Standing over 8-foot-tall, the Dragon Horse walks on water and regulates its flow. It is also said that the horse is too fast to be observed by any mortal man. This winged horse is said to be too swift and elegant to be mounted (by any mortal man).
The Chollima Statue (천리마동상 | 千里馬銅像) is a monument on top of Mansu Hill next to the Mansudae Grand Monument — the large statues of North Korea's leaders in Pyongyang, North Korea.

Chollima is likewise described as a mythical winged horse. Tianma is a winged celestial horse. There are two other winged horses in Chinese classic folklore. It is also the nickname of the North Korean national football team. A Chollima (also Qianlima or Senrima, literally "thousand-mile horse") is a mythical winged horse that originates from the Chinese classics and is commonly portrayed in East Asian cultures. Chollima was the name for a mythical horse in Korea. Its purpose was to drawn upon local mythology for ideological mobilization. Its name roughly means "thousand-mile horse", is often portrayed as a winged horse and several such statues are found in the North Korean capital Pyongyang. The winged horse was both incredibly fast but also reflected superhuman qualities in that no mortal man could ride it, thus emphasizing that those who could were of a higher belonging.

It was said to be too swift and elegant for any mortal to mount. Often portrayed as a winged horse, several statues of this majestic creature are found in the North Korean capital of Pyongyang. The Chollima is a winged horse from Chinese mythology. Chollima is the Korean name for a mythical horse. The political usage of Chollima in North Korea emerged in the 1950s.

It is said that this winged horse is too swift and elegant to be mounted by any mortal man. Following the Korean War, former North Korean leader Kim Il Sung devised the slogan “rush as the speed of Chollima,” as a way to invigorate his people into recovery efforts.

In fact, the country’s national football team is said to move like the Chollima.

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