High-temperature electrolysis - Wikipedia About 335 kJ/mole. It's not practical to use the method on a large scale because of the risks and because it's much more expensive to purify hydrogen and oxygen to feed the reaction than it is to make water using other methods, to purify contaminated water, or to condense water vapor from the air. Electrolysis produces very pure hydrogen from water for use in the electronics, pharmaceutical and food industries. Burning hydrogen produces only water and should ease worsening climate change problems. Today, several technological fields produce hydrogen from various sources. One of the main barriers blocking wide-scale use of fuel cells is the expensive catalysts used to produce hydrogen fuel from water. The reason you want water in the container is so you can collect hydrogen without obtaining air. Collect the hydrogen gas by inverting a water-filled tube or jar over the wire producing the hydrogen gas. The hydrogen bubbles will burn; the oxygen bubbles will not burn.

The second field produces hydrogen through the decomposition of water. Relative to steam reforming, electrolysis is very expensive. The principal field uses organic compounds mainly composed of hydrogen and carbon, such as natural gas, coal or biomass. It currently accounts for more than 90% of hydrogen production. The electrical inputs required to split the water into hydrogen and oxygen account for about 80% of the cost of hydrogen generation. So, we can make water from hydrogen and oxygen, and chemists and educators often do—in small quantities.

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