A basic non-linear wave equation 3 The simplest non-linear wave equation is a counterpart of this, namely: (1.5) ∂φ ∂t +c(φ) ∂φ ∂x = 0,t >0,−∞

Jerzy Maselko 1,2 & ... Nonlinear Chemical Dynamics and Its Interdisciplinary Impact: Dedicated to Ken Showalter on the Occasion of his 70th Birthday Nonlinear Chemical Dynamics at WVU The Showalter Research Group . Chemical waves on spherical surfaces. Interference from topological, chemical and biological analogies led to the guess that a wide variety of homogeneous three‐dimensional materials characterized by ‘‘excitability’’ might support persistent particle‐like ‘‘organizing centers.’’ These are vortex filaments, typically rings, around which excitation fronts circulate in the uniform medium.

This graduate-level course provides a unified treatment of nonlinear oscillations and wave phenomena with applications to mechanical, optical, geophysical, fluid, electrical and …

Peking University, May 15, 2011: The negative index of refraction of nonlinear chemical waves has become a recent focus in nonlinear dynamics researches. ... Nonlinear chemical kinetics. ... chaos and chemical waves to advanced topics of current research interest in chemical systems, including applications biology and polymers.

The objective of this paper was to develop a nonlinear chemical fingerprint technique for identifying and detecting adulteration of goat milk with cow milk. An Introduction to Nonlinear Chemical Dynamics: Oscillations, Waves, Patterns, and Chaos (Topics in Physical Chemistry) Irving R. Epstein , John A. Pojman Just a few decades ago, chemical oscillations were thought to be exotic reactions of only theoretical interest.

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An introduction to nonlinear chemical dynamics : oscillations, waves, patterns, and chaos. This paper investigates data based modeling of complex nonlinear processes, a novel data-driven modeling strategy based on high dimensional model representation (HDMR) method is proposed to represent a complex chemical process of propane dehydrogenation, and a novel linear programming model is then used to find the HDMR parameters. 3

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